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Cadman Shaving Brushes

 Welcome to Badger & Bowl.

I Am an Artisan brush maker here in the UK I regard my work as unique with the effect of creating designs that are totally different to designs that are on the market.

All of my brush handles start their life in a tin a Resin each brush handle is individually hand cast in my workshop and totally handmade and turned by myself this gives the customer an opportunity to really create their own colour and designs with my helping hand of course and my casting knowledge and skills I have learned over the years, all you have to do is quite simple is to talk to me about your ideas.

The materials I use are at the top end starting with the Resin handles that are made from a high grade Polyester Resin right through to the hair types within my shaving brushes from High Mountain White Silvertips, Finest Badger, Synthetic brushes, Tuxedo shaving brushes, and even Boar shaving brushes all available in different sizes and custom handles from the L7 the Chubby style, a Bell Type handle, the C4 and much more so if you have a question and need some help, I'm here just drop me a line or call anytime.

Most of the shaving brushes you see on here are made to order, at some point I will hold some on the shelve stock but most of my work is made to order.

Mervyn Cadman